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In Out Board Comparisons
Q. How many people can be listed on the In Out Board?
Lund & Lund: As many people as you want may be listed on your In Out Board. The only consideration is your network's speed. A list of 100 names will load faster than a list of 1000 names.

Competitor: Often depends on monthly contract.
Q. Do we have to install anything special to run the In Out board?
Lund & Lund: All you need to use this in out board is a web browser and an internet connection.

Competitor: Unknown
Q. Does the price vary according to the number of people listed on the In Out board
Lund & Lund: No, your contract is a fixed amount and is NOT contingent on the number of employees listed.

Competitor: Read the contract terms.
Q. Can I try it before buying?
Lund & Lund: Yes, we offer a free month of service. No contract, No commitment, No kidding! You have full access to the admin and may customize the board to your liking. Register for a free month

Competitor: Unknown
Q. What is the cost?
Lund & Lund: We offer 3 plans: $90/yr; $60/6 mos; $10/mo

Competitor: Unknown
Q. My question is not listed.
Lund & Lund: Email Us or phone us at 269-692-2456

Competitor: Unknown
"Best support I've ever had from a vendor." - Tom Wightman, VP of Operations - Hitek Equipment, Inc.