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Lund and Lund Products
Lund & Lund is an old, well established, Web Design company who offers specialty products and services in addition to web design. Our most popular product is the "In Out Board" as shown below; followed closely by our "Pay-to-Vote Contest" software.

Our service pledge is also very unusual ... We Guarantee 24 Hour Turn-around on Client Requests! But we should let you read more about how truly unique our service is on our client reference page. Or just more learn more about our approach to business on our about us page.

We hope you enjoy perusing our site. And if you have a project you'd like to discuss, please call or write us. We'd enjoy hearing from you.

Chuck & Shirley Lund
269-692-2456 USA

Our Products

Lund & Lund has developed several software applications such as the In Out Board which is designed especially for the small business owners.

  • Employee Virtual In/Out Boards
    - We host your In Out Board on our server, which saves you the headaches of updating software and local server platform upgrades causing version incompatibility.

Lund and Lund Products

Our Services

Our goal is to help you develop a website with the least amount of stress possible. In this global economy, everyone needs a web presence and if you are not web savvy, dealing with techs and support specialists can be a prickly process. We understand how frustrating learning new skills can be and that is why we take the time to help you understand the process.